Update on OSHA Recordkeeping Webinar

The OSHA Recordkeeping Rule requires employers to electronically submit their OSHA injury and illness logs. The electronic recordkeeping rule requires employers to electronically submit their injury and illness logs—Forms 300A, 300, and/or 301—to OSHA depending on the size and industry of the employer.

Originally scheduled to become effective this summer, it has now been postponed until December 1, 2017. OSHA delayed this deadline, in part, to finalize its newly launched website, the Injury Tracking Application (“ITA”).  This website allows employers to submit injury logs annually moving forward.

The ITA is a secure website which is currently accessible to employers. To submit their logs, covered employers first have to create an online account and a profile. Finally, employers will have three ways to submit their data:

  • Manually entering data onto a web form;
  • Uploading a CSV template containing your data
  • Transmitting electronically via API, if the employer uses an automated recordkeeping system.

What is the best method for your company? Where can you find the ITA website?  How do you know if you fall under this rule?  Join us at the Webinar on October 4th to find out!

Peter Shackford of Hettrick Cyr and Associates will provided a refresher on the rule and even conduct a walkthrough on the new OSHA Reporting website where employers can submit their injury logs.

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Automatic Post-Injury Drug Testing Prohibited by OSHA

As we have written about at length, OSHA is now requiring the reporting of workplace injuries in to improve overall data collection. As a result, OSHA believes this will give a reason for employers to discourage reporting of such injuries. Therefore, OSHA is also providing guidance on the policies and procedures which employers can use to deal with workplace injuries.

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