Transportation is a huge area of liability exposure for contractors and suppliers who maintain commercial vehicles. Bruce Lawler, a former New Hampshire State Trooper and DOT Compliance Specialist will offer a webinar in the 7 BASIC (Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories). These include:

• Unsafe Driving Practices
• Driver Fitness
• Hours of Service
• Controlled Substances
• Crash Indicators
• Vehicle Maintenance
• Hazardous Materials

SPEAKER: Bruce Lawler Contractors Risk Management DOT Compliance & Training Specialist

The new Massachusetts Sick Leave Law is set to take effect on July 1, 2015. Requiring employers to offer earned sick time to all employees who work in the Commonwealth. For the Construction industry, this is a big change. The long-awaited Draft Regulations were released by the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) on April 27th. The Regulations clarify the law and answer many of the questions raised by employer groups, though in some cases, the answers are not what we had hoped. In drafting the Regulations, the AGO has construed the law very favorably toward employees. Join us for this important webinar where employment law expert Miranda S. Jones Esq. will provide a complete review of the Law. This is your change to get answers to the questions everyone has been asking such as:

• Who is eligible for sick leave? Can your employees accrue and use sick time if they are working on jobs out of state?

• Do you have t pay sick time if yu sometimes have fewer than 11 employees?

• What is the “hourly rate” for sick time? Do you include overtime or holiday Pay? What about fringe benefits?

• Do you have to pay out the time if an employee is laid off or terminated? What happens if you re-hire then? Do they get the time back?

• If you have a PTO program can you keep it as is, or do you have to change it? What forms of sick leave notice or documentation can you require?

• What can you do to prevent abuses with time off?

SPEAKER: Miranda S. Jones, Esq. O’Reilly, Grosso & Gross, P.C.